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Rainbow Telecom Reduce Leading Tyre Supplier’s Phone Bill By 50%

Rainbow Telecom has signed a major contract with Modern Tyre Service which has reduced the company’s calls and lines bill by 50%.

The deal will see Belfast-based Rainbow Telecom supply calls and lines across all 26 Modern Tyre Service depots.

Stephen Shaw, Group Sales and Marketing Manager at Modern Tyre Service said:

“We never would have believed that we were paying over the odds on our calls and lines until Rainbow Telecom calculated how much we could be saving.

“The savings that Rainbow brought to the business are substantial and include the same service levels agreements as our previous telecoms provider.

“By frequently reviewing contracts we can ensure we are still getting the best deal available. If only we could save 50% on the rest of our costs!”

“The service provided by Rainbow has not been compromised by the fantastic value.”

Stuart Carson, Head of Account Management at Rainbow Telecom, Northern Ireland’s largest independent telecoms provider said:

“A lot of businesses worry that changing their telecoms contract will disrupt the business for long periods of time. At Rainbow, this is not the case and switching couldn’t be easier.

“In addition, all our customers avail of the same service level agreements and access to 14,000 BT Openreach engineers as offered by BT Retail.

“With over 5,000 business customers in Northern Ireland including a third of the Top 100 companies, our clients are confident in our service.

“We would encourage all businesses to review their telecom outgoings and contact Rainbow to determine where savings can be made.”

Rainbow Telecom also provides mobile, broadband, data, systems and maintenance services.

First Published: 23/10/10

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